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Medical Care & Transportation

Here to Serve You

Acadian Ambulance provides compassionate and highly skilled medical care to more than 21 million residents and covers 62,000 square miles, in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. Our fleet of 500 ambulances transports almost 600,000 annually and travels 38 million miles each year, enough to circumnavigate the earth 4.2 times each day.

emergency medical transportation team

Emergency Transportation

Knowing Life Matters Since 1971

Since 1971, Acadian’s highly skilled medics have provided compassionate care for more than five million patients who have been transported by our reliable fleet of ground, helicopter and fixed-wing ambulances.

Acadian Ambulance van

Non-Emergency Transportation

Reliable, On-time Medical Transportation

Acadian Ambulance is contracted with hospitals, nursing homes, home health and hospice agencies, managed care, and most insurance companies to provide highly reliable, on-time non-emergency medical transportation throughout Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi.

acadian team handling specialized transport

Special Services

A Unique Type of Care

Acadian also specializes in the safe transport of bariatric and pediatric patients. We promote a true partnership approach with those we work with, offering full flexibility to meet the needs of any required service. At Acadian, we are dedicated to providing only the most secure and comfortable transport to our community.

Acadian ambulance medics

Treatment in Place

Alternative Care Models

In parts of our service area, our medics are able to treat patients in the comfort of their own homes, rather than transport them unnecessarily to hospitals and emergency departments.

Air Services

In Flight Since 1981

Because Louisiana’s diverse geography of rich swamps, bayous, marsh lands and vast rural areas make quick response by ground ambulances a difficult task, Acadian Ambulance expanded in 1981 to launch Air Med. In addition to faster response times in rural areas, our helicopters and fixed-wing planes allow Acadian Ambulance to quickly reach, Air Med also allowed Acadian Ambulance to quickly reach emergencies offshore.

Acadian Health team with patient at home

Mobile Healthcare

Bringing Healthcare to You

Mobile Healthcare by Acadian provides solutions to address gaps in existing healthcare systems by utilizing specially trained Mobile Healthcare providers functioning as primary care extenders, educators, and patient advocates.

EMS training

Medical Education

Leading Resource for Emergency Medical Services

National EMS Academy offers entry-level and continuing education, and refresher courses for a number of EMS career paths, including EMTs and paramedics. An authorized American Heart Association training center, NEMSA holds CPR and emergency cardiovascular care courses year-round.

offshore and industrial workers

Offshore & Industrial Health

Safety Management Systems

Over the past 40 years, Acadian expanded their oil & gas medical services and founded Safety Management Systems. As the oil & gas industry evolves and changes, SMS has continually added services to answer their needs. Today, SMS provides safety, medical, security, health and training services to energy industry customers around the world.

Medical Alert Systems

Emergency Medical Assistance at the Touch of a Button

Acadian On Call medical alerts connect you with the help you need, as fast as possible, 24 hours a day. One press of your waterproof pendant or wristband will initiate a call to one of our three certified monitoring centers. A certified Emergency Medical Dispatcher will assess your emergency and dispatch EMS, if needed, while also notifying personal contacts such as family, friends and close neighbors that can respond.