Acadian Service Area

Servicing more than 70 counties and parishes throughout Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Tennessee.


Acadian Ambulance began operations 47 years ago, covering fewer than 300 square miles of Lafayette Parish, to fill a dire need of emergency medical transportation. Thanks to the drive and tenacity of our three founders and eight original medics, Acadian has evolved into a multi-faceted company with a global reach.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think our operations would span four states, be so diversified and have more than 4,300 employees,” Richard said. “Perhaps the greatest blessing has been the ability to attract good, loyal, hard-working people. They truly are the cornerstone of our success.”



Serving 35 parishes in Louisiana, the mission of Acadian Ambulance is to provide superb service. All areas of our services are driven by a desire for excellence and we put service first in a professional and sensitive manner, while maintaining the dignity of those we serve.




Since we began service in the state 16 years ago, our Mississippi team has worked hard to raise the standard of medical care and transportation. We’ve become a valued and trusted member of the Jackson County community, and we’re proud of the service we have provided and the relationships we have built.




In 2006, Acadian became the 911 provider in Orange County. That was our first service area in Texas; since then, we have added 36 more counties and serve more than 17 million people spanning 36,300 square miles and operating more than 300 ambulance units.




Acadian Ambulance Service announced in September 2018 that it will acquire Memphis-based Emergency Mobile Health Care (EMHC). Founded in 1997, EMHC has served the greater Memphis area with compassionate, patient-centered care and is the Mid-South’s largest locally owned ambulance provider.


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