Medical Alert Systems

Professionally Monitored Emergency Medical Assistance

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Acadian On Call medical alerts connect you with the help you need, as fast as possible, 24 hours a day. One press of your waterproof pendant or wristband will initiate a call to one of our three certified monitoring centers. A certified Emergency Medical Dispatcher will assess your emergency and dispatch EMS, if needed, while also notifying personal contacts such as family, friends and close neighbors that can respond.

Whether you need traditional medical alert service, automatic fall detection or our popular GPS medical alert that allows you to get help from anywhere, all monitoring plans include a personal help button, 24-hour monitoring and a 30-Day return option in case you change your mind.

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How Medical Alert Systems Work

Delivering the Help You Need, As Fast As Possible

There are three basic components: the medical alarm base station, the medical alert pendant and the monitoring center. When you press your wearable, waterproof help button, a wireless signal is sent to your medical alert system console, opening two-way communication with a dispatcher. Acadian On Call dispatchers are medically trained professionals, able to help in an emergency, injury, illness, accident, fire, burglary or any other instances where assistance may be needed.