’72 Pontiac

The History of Acadian’s Ghostbusters-Style Ambulance

72 Pontiac Flag

A Special History

When Acadian Ambulance started in 1971, ambulances looked much different compared to today.

One of the most memorable ambulances in our history was the Ghostbusters-style Pontiac. Our 1972 Pontiac Bonneville Chassis Superior Coach Ambulance Conversion has a special history and many people to thank for its state today.

This particular vehicle is not an original one to Acadian’s fleet, but it is a very accurate and detail-oriented replica. Acadian Ambulance acquired the vehicle through our 2009 acquisition of Priority One EMS in Jasper County, TX. The vehicle was purchased from Acadian by Terry J. Broussard, a former Acadian medic and recruiter who had a dream of restoring a vintage ambulance.

Restoring the Pontiac was a challenge, with a blown engine, no brakes, shattered windshield, rust everywhere, and burnt wiring. Terry’s “phase one” was to make it road worthy with new windshield, brakes, and a rebuilt engine. “A bit of elbow grease and the ambulance was ‘parade ready,” he said.

  • 72 Pontiac
  • 72 Pontiac
  • 72 Pontiac
  • 72 Pontiac
  • 72 Pontiac
  • 72 Pontiac
  • 72 Pontiac
  • Acadian Ambulance Service Celebrates Ribbon Cutting at Greater New Orleans Operations Headquarters
REZ on pontiac 1971REZ on pontiac 2015

Final Touches

Terry’s second phase was lots of body work. Floor boards, quarter panels, hood, door frames, etc. all required work. Over a 5-month period, the body work was completed. Chairman & CEO Richard Zuschlag saw the persistence in Terry’s vision, and “put some green” on the Pontiac. Acadian completed a fleet paint job, returning the Pontiac to its original green as was evidenced during the sanding of multiple layers of paint.

The Acadian “72 Pontiac” participates in regional car shows, parades and community events, as well as Acadian’s annual Medic of the Year luncheon.

Special Thanks To:

  • Paul Steinberg and the entire membership of the Professional Car Society
  • Acadian Ambulance Service, Inc. Fleet Maintenance
  • Jasper Authentic Engine Shop
  • PeeWee’s Paint and Body
  • Gifford Saravia Woodworking
  • Pilkington Glass Inc.

  • Auto Glass Fitters Inc.

  • Mike’s Mobile Mechanic
  • Belsco Inc.
  • Rock Auto Parts Inc.
  • Summit Racing Inc.
  • Frank’s Pontiac Parts (California)
  • Pep Boys
  • Auto Zone
  • Advance Auto

  • O’Reilly’s Auto Parts
  • Guidry Hardware
  • Acadiana Rubber and Gaskets Co.
  • Ralph’s Electronics
  • Delkin Motor Sports Inc.
  • Lowery Signs Inc.
  • Paul Blanchet
  • Josh Thibodeaux
  • and multiple eBay sellers!