Our South-Central Texas Acadian team participated in an academic research study on the utilization of the Vision, Aphasia, Neglect (VAN) stroke severity scale by EMS personnel in the prehospital setting. The study and its findings were published in the Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery this month.

Texas Medical Director Dr. Emily Kidd is a coauthor on the project and Acadian Texas receives a lot of recognition for our part in the study.

Dr. Kidd said, “I am really proud of our South-Central Texas team for stepping up and participating in the training and implementation of this study. A special thanks to the medics in the field who put this into practice and work hard every day to make sure our stroke patients get a VAN assessment when needed and get to the right stroke facility. This study will help shape how strokes are assessed in the prehospital setting across the country.”

Dr. Kidd credits Operations Manager Steven Cope for his leadership during Acadian’s participation in the project, and Operations Coordinator Jennifer Gonzales, QIC Alec DStorm, and AQICs Chris Stilley and Barton Brannon for their assistance in the collection and analysis of the data.

Click here or on the image to read the full study online.

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