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Our Benefits for You and Your Family

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You’re Not an Employee — You’re an Owner!

In 1993, Acadian instituted an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), giving eligible employees the opportunity to own private shares in the company. Through this structure, employees own the company, giving us a sense of pride and a stronger investment in our work.

Acadian sets up a trust fund for qualifying employees and contributes new shares of its own stock or cash to buy existing shares. Acadian employees currently own 80% of the company stock.

In addition, Acadian offers an exceptional benefits package.

Our Service Area

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What We Stand For

Acadian employee-owners have a great deal of pride in their work and see every day as an opportunity to make a difference. Our passion and compassion guide our actions as we treat more than just the injury or ailment, but the person as a whole. Our innovation and use of new technology help us to improve our services and care for our customers.

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We’re Happy to Have You!

Nationally Recognized, Locally Managed

Acadian Central

Acadian Ambulance utilizes an intranet named Acadian Central. Click below to get a taste of the platform, as you will get access soon!

Acadian Ambulance Service

Since 1971

Acadian began as a small ambulance company in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana on September 1, 1971. Since then, we have expanded to include a nationally recognized diverse suite of services designed to offer the very best support in health, safety and transportation. Our fleet now contains more than 580 ground ambulances, helicopters and fixed-wing airplanes in 77 parishes and counties spanning Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas.

In addition to providing emergency and non-emergency pre-hospital care and transport, we provide EMS education, industrial health, environmental and safety services, inspection, training, consulting, dynamic security equipment and monitoring for homes and businesses and charter flight services.