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Photo of Acadian Chairman & CEO Richard Zuschlag, Operations Manager Keisha Sparks, Governor John Bel Edwards

Chairman & CEO Richard Zuschlag, Operations Manager Keisha Sparks, Governor John Bel Edwards

Officials from Acadian Ambulance were on hand Tuesday, November 1, as the Monroe Chamber of Commerce presented the “State of the State with Governor John Bel Edwards.” Acadian Chairman & CEO Richard Zuschlag and Operations Manager Keisha Sparks met with Governor Edwards and area leaders to discuss the nationwide shortage of EMTs and paramedics and the numerous hiring and training programs Acadian offers to north Louisiana residents interested in a career in emergency medicine.

“A career in EMS is both rewarding and fulfilling,” said Sparks. “Acadian has several hiring and training initiatives, scholarships, grants, and other programs offering Louisiana residents the opportunity to join EMS and get paid while they learn,” she added.

“We were excited to be a sponsor of the Monroe Chamber’s programming and to learn more about the issues facing north Louisiana,” Zuschlag said. “The Monroe area community graciously welcomed us when we began operations here several years ago,” he added.

While EMS staffing remains a nationwide issue, Acadian has been successful in working with local organizations and school systems to introduce career opportunities to the area’s residents.

Among the initiatives discussed was the expansion of high school programs aimed at teaching students the fundamentals of emergency medicine. Students who participate in these programs are eligible to take the national exam for Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and interview for positions with Acadian Ambulance.

In addition to the high school programs, Acadian has expanded its Explorer program in the area, giving young men and women ages 14-20, the opportunity to learn more about emergency medicine.

“We’ve also expanded the number of EMT classes in the area so that anyone who is interested in becoming a medic has the opportunity to attend EMT school. We have hybrid online learning programs, scholarships, grants and other ‘earn while you learn’ programs to make it easy for anyone to start their career with Acadian,” Zuschlag said.

“The Governor and the local civic and government leaders were very receptive and excited to learn about the many workforce development opportunities we are offering in the area,” he added.

Acadian has an EMT class starting on December 6, 2022, with the interview process beginning on November 21-22, 2022. Tuition assistance is available. More information or to sign up for class, visit