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We hope everyone enjoys a safe and festive Mardi Gras holiday.

  • Never drink and drive. Make sure someone in your group will be the designated driver.
  • If consuming alcohol, pace yourself with non-alcoholic beverages and food.
  • Leave glass bottles at home.
  • Watch your step for curbs and uneven roads or sidewalks.
  • Whether at a parade or festival, stick with your group. Festive areas can get crowded quickly, and it can be hard to find someone once you’re separated.
  • Secure a note in a pocket of each child with their name and the contact telephone number of a responsible adult in case the child becomes separated from your group.
  • Make sure your child knows if a stranger tries to talk to them, to say “You’re not my parent,” and get away to find a uniformed police officer or medic.
  • If you lose track of a friend or child, ask a nearby police officer or medic for assistance.
  • Dress for the weather. Layers are important when temperatures drop in the evenings. Rain jackets and boots may be necessary to stay comfortable.
  • Be aware of parade throws. Heavy flying beads can cause cuts or painful bruises, and beads on the ground can be a tripping hazard.
  • Don’t throw items back at floats.
  • Don’t cross over parade barricades to pick up a fallen throw. Ask a nearby police officer to pass it to you, or grab it after the floats have passed. Barricades are put up for your safety.