Congratulations to Acadian Ambulance Paramedics Jay Authement and Allie Kast and New Orleans EMS EMT Samuel Chong on being recognized as the Louisiana EMS for Children Kid’s Krewe of the Year! Although Jay could not be in attendance, Allie and Samuel were awarded during a presentation this week at the Louisiana State Capitol.

Jay, Allie and Samuel treated a pediatric patient successfully with no warning, no dispatch, and no call notes, but still did everything perfectly under a tremendous amount of pressure.

In May 2022, a family brought their three-year-old son, Rowan, to a nearby Acadian Ambulance station as a walk-up emergency for a drowning. He had fallen into a swimming pool. His older brother, Ryan, quickly rescued him, but the child was pale and apneic.

Jay, Allie and Samuel (an Acadian EMT at the time) were at the station and immediately began treatment before transporting to the hospital. During transport, the patient began vomiting and extubated himself. The child was later discharged from the hospital with zero deficits.

Pediatric calls are rough for anyone, and this crew made sure that this little guy could go home and live a happy, healthy life.

The family was able to reunite with the crew at the award presentation and share their appreciation for their quick actions. Older brother Ryan was also recognized for his quick thinking in pulling his brother out of the pool before going to get help.

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