On January 8, 2020, eight Dutchtown High School seniors received American flag patches during a ceremony with APSB Career and Technical Supervisor Ronda Matthews, Medical Director Will Freeman, Acadian Ambulance Outreach Coordinator Lacie Kemp and Recruiter Brian Cowart.

The seniors are part of Dutchtown High’s first EMT program and will begin clinicals in February and take the National Registry exam in April.

The school has had an emergency medical responder (EMR) class for years, but with the assistance of National EMS Academy Instructor David Finley and the Louisiana Bureau of EMS, they were able to implement the EMT program. The class is taught by Mr. Ronnie Harper.

Throughout the year, our Acadian Ambulance team assists with instruction and skills testing.

While both the EMR and EMT programs are similar, the EMT is a higher level of care and has many more employment opportunities. EMR is the introductory level of prehospital responders and are typically employed by fire departments or other volunteer services. EMTs then have the option to continue their education and become a paramedic, utilizing advanced skills.

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