One afternoon in March 2019, Poland, Louisiana, native Jamie Jeansonne was working with his lawn service crew on a customer’s yard when he remarked that he felt dizzy and lightheaded. Shortly after, he collapsed. His stepson, 19-year-old Zach Dauzat, recognized that something was very wrong and began doing chest compressions right away.

At the same time, Paramedic April Werner and EMT Kristian Desselles were transporting a patient from a facility in Bunkie back to Marksville when they passed the scene and noticed the lawn service crew waving them down. “We don’t typically stop, especially while transporting a patient, but I just had a feeling something was wrong and that we needed to stop,” April said. April and Kristian shocked Jamie on-scene and successfully resuscitated him. Another ambulance arrived to transport Jamie to Avoyelles Hospital in Marksville, where nurses Brenda and Olivia treated him.

Jamie ended up needing more specialized care, so Acadian Air Med Flight Paramedic Kane Mayeux and Flight Paramedic/RN Alan Trammell treated him while en route Rapides Regional Medical Center in Alexandria. There, he was under the care of Dr. Edwards and Tasha. Jamie had a mini-defibrillator device implanted in his chest and is starting to drive and work again.

The 39-year-old’s story could have taken a dramatically different turn if it wasn’t for the quick actions by Zach and Acadian’s medics. As a requirement to graduate from University Academy, Zach took a CPR class taught by Craig Whittington. Because of that class, Zach knew what to look for and how to perform chest compressions that kept Jamie’s blood flowing. Jamie has no lasting brain damage thanks to Zach’s immediate actions.

Last week, Jamie and his wife, Amanda, Zach and members of their family were able to reunite with April, Kristian, Kane, Brenda, Olivia and Craig. In addition to the celebration of Jamie’s recovery, the theme of the evening was the importance of knowing bystander CPR.

“We can’t stress enough how important CPR is,” said Operations Supervisor Amy Guidry. “We teach it, but hope you never have to use it,” said Craig.

April, Kristian, Kane and Zach received Meritorious Service Awards from Acadian Ambulance for their roles in saving Jamie’s life.

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