Our employees have shown time and again that the skills and experiences they gain at Acadian can build foundations for other fulfilling careers. In this edition of our Acadian Alumni Association spotlight, we see how one former EMT has built a career of helping others, thanks to her time at Acadian.

Tammy Scott

Tammy Scott, former EMT

“I’ve always wanted to help people. It was never about money. I wanted to be the difference between life and death,” recalls Tammy Scott (Thibodeaux), a former EMT with Acadian. Aside from helping people, Tammy remembers that her favorite thing about working at Acadian was the feeling of family among her coworkers.

For Tammy’s entire life, she knew she wanted to work in medicine. During her 13 years with Acadian, Tammy delivered 29 babies and mourned with many families who had lost loved ones. 

In 2006, Tammy was involved in a debilitating car wreck that broke her back in multiple places and made her unable to work on an ambulance. “I was miserable not being able to help others,” she says, and she became determined to find a new career where she could still provide that same type of care. A friend of hers was a nurse practitioner at a treatment center and suggested that Tammy apply.

Tammy took a chance switching careers, but it worked out for her. In March 2020, Tammy will become a licensed drug and alcohol addiction counselor. Her time at Acadian equipped her for her new career and showed her how well she could care for the physical and emotional wellbeing of patients. 

She offers this advice to medics: “When you go into emergency medicine, it’s not always glorious. If you can take one thing away, know that you are truly making a difference.”

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