Our latest Acadian Alumni Association spotlight checks in with a former medic who explains why the memories he made at Acadian will stay with him for a lifetime.

Matt Mayon, right, pictured with his daughter.

For over ten years, Matt Mayon was a full-time Acadian medic in Franklin. As Matt shared his story with us, his memories were full of connection and warmth, forever remembering how his time with Acadian shaped who is he today.

One of his strongest memories was a call he worked while Hurricane Andrew was passing over South Louisiana. Matt and his partner treated a TV news reporter who was hit by a flying sheet of plywood during a live broadcast. Matt received the Distinguished Service Award for another call where he exhibited extraordinary care by climbing into a manlift to help a college student who had hit a live wire while taking down Christmas lights. With the patient’s clothes still smoldering, Matt wrapped him and treated him until more help could arrive.

More than anything, like many of our Acadian alumni, Matt remembers his time with his Acadian coworkers and misses seeing them every day. His partner and mentor, Tony Chaisson, had a special impact on Matt’s career. Matt says he always felt cared for under Tony’s guidance.

Matt says all employees should take advantage of their time with Acadian and take advantage of the opportunities the company provides. “If I could give any new Acadian employee advice,” he says, “I would tell them not to stay at the bottom. I’d tell them to work their way up, to educate themselves. If you’re thinking about paramedic school, start it now.”

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