Photo courtesy Port Arthur News

On Tuesday, May 25, Acadian Ambulance’s Southeast Texas team presented four Port Neches firefighters with Meritorious Service Awards for their outstanding assistance on a call. Acadian Paramedic Michael Manley and EMT Christopher Trevino were also awarded for their care and transportation after taking over care from the fire department.

PNFD Captain Tyler Hebert, Engineer/Operator Richard Landry, Firefighter Conner Stevens and Firefighter Zach Watts helped to save the life of a patient earlier this year. The patient had struck a utility pole. PNFD arrived on scene first and discovered the driver was unresponsive, pulseless and not breathing. They removed the patient from the vehicle, began CPR, applied an AED, ventilated the patient with oxygen and defibrillated the patient three times. After the third defibrillation, the patient regained a pulse and was attempting to breathe on his own. 

PNFD had the patient on a spine board and ready for transport when our medics arrived on scene. They took over care and transported the patient to the nearest hospital, where he made a full recovery and was discharged home at a later date.


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