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Dear Friends and Community Leaders:

Since Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana on August 26, I have been overwhelmed by the many stories of courage, compassion and resilience that have already been shared as our communities begin to recover from this devastating destruction. I’ve always been proud of Acadian’s “can do” attitude and I also continue to be impressed and inspired by the compassion and dedication we show our patients and the communities we serve.

Unfortunately, our Acadian family was not spared: 106 of our fellow employee-owners have suffered losses, with 75 to 80 of them losing all or a significant amount of personal property. In the majority of cases, these employees left their homes and reported to work as the storm was approaching. They were needed to help others in distress and they answered the call. ​Working around the clock for many days, they returned to their homes and families only to find the devastating effects of the storm.

We are working with our employees to help them meet their immediate needs and are continuing to develop other methods of support to help them through what will be a long and tedious recovery and rebuilding process. However, due to the volume of damage caused, more is needed. Many of our partners have asked how they can help the first responders–the ones who put their lives on the line and who sacrificed their own personal comfort and safety to help others.

To answer this call, we have opened an Acadian Companies Employee Disaster Relief Fund. The fund is administered through the Community Foundation of Acadiana, a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations to the fund are tax deductible, and will be collected and distributed to Acadian employees throughout Louisiana who have been affected.

While Acadian continues to implement several support initiatives, we are asking that you help us by considering a donation to the fund and to help us in spreading the word by adding the link to the Community Foundation’s “Acadian Companies Employee Disaster Relief Fund” page on your website and social media platforms. Your support in publicizing this fund will help to raise awareness of this critical need.

If you’d like to donate, please click here or send a check payable to “Community Foundation of Acadiana” (please write “Acadian Companies Employee Disaster Relief Fund” in the memo field on the check) and mail to Julie Greco, Acadian Companies, P.O. Box 98000, Lafayette, LA 70509.

Thank you for your consideration and support.




Richard E. Zuschlag
Chairman & CEO