Each year, Acadian Ambulance recognizes its exceptional medics for their tireless work ethic and dedication. All finalists are known as outstanding paramedics and EMTs who display exemplary attitudes and provide excellent patient care. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing guidelines, this year’s luncheon will be a virtual webcast event that coincides with Acadian Ambulance’s 49th anniversary. The event will be streamed on Tuesday, September 1 at noon. Visit Acadian.com/Celebration for the link to the webcast.

Meet our Paramedics and EMTs of the Year, along with all of our regional Paramedics and EMTs of the Year, below!


Paramedics of the Year

          Jeremy Brown, SWLA

“I have always looked at myself as a small-town guy. I started my journey in EMS trying to emulate the paramedics I have looked up to. To now have others seeing me the way that they do is just overwhelming to me. I love being a paramedic more than anything. Being honored with this recognition, that I never considered attainable, is beyond my wildest imagination.”

Jeremy has been with Acadian for 10 years, working in ground operations and dispatch, and currently serves as an associate quality improvement coordinator for his region. In addition to his medic duties, Jeremy is a field training officer, high school champion, Acadia Parish Explorer post advisor and critical incident stress management counselor.

         Bjoern Landeck, South-Central Texas 

“I feel honored and excited to represent Acadian Ambulance Service with this award, and to serve my community as part of an incredible team.”

Bjoern hails from Germany and has been with Acadian for more than five years. He is a critical care transport paramedic and tactical paramedic. In addition, he is a field training officer for new hires and volunteers with Acadian’s San Antonio Explorer post. 

EMTs of the Year

Liz Hill, SWLA

“Learning countless things from coworkers and patients, gaining more experience from industry veterans, meeting all types of people in a multitude of situations, and advancing in this lifelong career that I love, are all part of what makes me feel successful. Being chosen as EMT of the Year is an additional “checkmark”, both personally and professionally. Being nominated by my peers makes this honor all the more meaningful.”

Liz has been with Acadian for two years and has established herself as a courteous, compassionate and professional patient care provider. She takes care to always make sure her ambulance is clean. She serves as a field training officer and an adjunct EMT instructor for National EMS Academy. She is currently studying to earn her paramedic certification.

         Karra Cross, South-Central Texas 

“It is certainly an honor to be named EMT of the Year. I am proud to be a representative of this company and its values. I view this award as a testament to the training and support I have received from my peers and superiors at Acadian. I work hard to set a standard for my own family and strive to be someone they can look up to.” 

Karra has been with Acadian for two years. In addition to her EMT duties, she is a field training officer. She has a strong work ethic, takes pride in her work, and displays kindness and thoughtfulness toward all of her patients, caring for each as if they were a family member. 


Regional Paramedics of the Year

          Kurt Hogan, Acadian Air Med

“Being named medic of the year is the utmost honor and it means the world to be recognized by my peers!”

Kurt has been with Acadian for more than 10 years, first serving as an EMT and paramedic before earning his CCT certification and becoming a flight paramedic. He recently became a certified flight paramedic and works on AM6 out of Hammond. Kurt served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and currently serves in the Louisiana National Guard and United States Army.  

         Layne Brown, Bayou Region

“Being named Medic of the Year for the Bayou Region is an honor, and it has allowed me to represent the many great employees we have in this area.”

Layne has been with Acadian for nearly seven years and is a CCT paramedic stationed in Patterson. In 2019, he became a certified flight paramedic. He works hard to provide exceptional patient care and make every patient encounter a positive experience.

         Jason Hunt, Capital Region

“Being honored as Paramedic of the Year means that I am able to represent my district and company as an EMS ambassador for our community. I love inspiring hope in the lives of others and encouraging them to seek medical training and a career in EMS.”

Jason has been with Acadian for more than 23 years and is stationed in Walker. He has a reputation for compassion, calming reassurance and bedside manner. Earlier this year, he was recognized by his partner for going above and beyond: “Our patient was trying to weed eat his ditch when he fell, so Jason decided to take two extra seconds and finish the job.” He has a true passion for what he does as a paramedic and employee.

         Scott Johnson, Central Louisiana

“Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam — All for the greater glory of God.”

Scott has been with Acadian for more than 36 years and has worked in ground operations, offshore operations, swing, Acadian On Call and National EMS Academy, and he helped start Mobile Health. He is involved in our ESOP Committee and has represented Acadian as the ESOP Association Southwest Chapter Employee-Owner of the Year.

         Matt Johnson, Hub City

“To me, being named Paramedic of the Year means that my hard work and dedication is not only recognized by management, but also by my coworkers.”   

Matt has been with Acadian for nine years and is stationed in Breaux Bridge. He treats all of his patients with a caring, compassionate and professional demeanor. He is known to have his patients laughing by the time they arrive at their destination. He is also a high school liaison, station supply monitor, field training officer and CCT paramedic.

         Edward Flagg, Jackson County

“Being nominated for Jackson County Paramedic of the Year by my peers has inspired me to continue to strive to be the best clinician, patient advocate and partner. My coworkers chose me for having the qualities they value. I am proud to be that person and to represent them.” 

Ed has been with Acadian for more than 13 years. His coworkers respect him as a CCT paramedic and a friend. Ed is a field training officer and critical incident stress management counselor for those in need. When he’s not at work he is volunteering with Central Jackson County Volunteer Fire Department. In addition to his paramedic certification, Ed holds degrees as an LPN and medical laboratory technologist. 

         Jennifer Battistella, Northshore

“To be chosen to represent my company and my service area as Medic of the Year is very momentous and rewarding. To be illuminated among my peers is nothing less than humbling.”

Jennifer began her career with Acadian in 2005. She is a CCT paramedic, field training officer and alternate quality improvement coordinator. In addition, she is an advisor to the Northshore Explorer post. In addition to her daily duties, Jennifer loves to help others. She has organized fundraiser benefits to help fellow medics and their families and sponsorships to help families in need. She also assisted the Covington Fire and Police departments in organizing the Field of Screams, a local haunted Halloween trail.

         Myrianne Johnson, Orleans

“To be named Paramedic of the Year for the Orleans area was truly a surprise. It’s an amazing feeling to know that all my hard work and dedication to my patients didn’t go unnoticed.”

Myrianne joined Acadian as an EMT in 2011. She earned her paramedic certification in 2018 and has displayed an exemplary performance ever since. Myrianne is known to be dependable, always working extra shifts and offering to stay late.

         Mark Cundiff, Safety Management Systems

“Although I feel I am not the fastest, smartest or most intelligent, being honored by my peers as Medic of the Year inspires me to work harder to add even more value to our company and my profession.”

Mark began his career with Acadian in 2006 and worked his way up to an HSE technician and remote paramedic. He has stepped up during disaster response and has deployed with SMS/Acadian to multiple states and South America. His diverse skill set in remote paramedicine and HSE allows him to function in many different areas of oil & gas. He has been recognized by SMS clients for his careful attention to detail and knowledge of safety policies.

         Tim Haskins, Memphis

“Being named the inaugural Paramedic of the Year for the Memphis region is special to me because voting was done exclusively by my coworkers. I believe that the greatest honor in any profession is the respect and the trust of your peers.”

Tim has been in EMS for more than 12 years and is well-respected among his colleagues. He treats all of his patients with a caring, compassionate and professional demeanor and comes to work with a smile on his face. Tim is a field training officer for new hires and now serves as a paramedic field supervisor. 

         Clay Smith, Northeast LA

“Being named Paramedic of the Year for my region is extremely humbling, and it pushes me forward to conquering the tasks ahead.”

Clay became a part of the Acadian team when Ouachita operations began in January 2019. He established the first Explorer post of its kind in Northeast Louisiana last fall. Clay is a field training officer and was promoted to a paramedic field supervisor position.

         Jerrold Petermann, Central Texas 

“It is an honor to be considered and acknowledged. My thanks to the company for continuing opportunities and to those who nominated me for your thoughtfulness.” 

Jerrold has been with Acadian for more than 11 years and works on a busy Critical Care Transport truck. He loves to teach and is an excellent field training officer. He also loves to learn, having taken a certified flight paramedic course and studying critical care concepts.

         Mackenzie Cadwallader, Houston 

“I am glad I have the opportunity to work in such a rewarding and challenging career. It means a lot that my peers and the people I come into contact with at work think highly of me and feel that I am worthy of such an accomplishment. Thank you!”

Mackenzie became an EMT in 2015 and has earned her paramedic and International Association of Flight Paramedics certifications. She is part of Acadian’s team covering Minute Maid Park and displayed true dedication while working during Hurricane Harvey. 

         Eddy Lopez, North Texas  

“It’s a great honor to be chosen as Medic of the Year by my fellow friends and colleagues. It means a lot to me to know that they have that level of trust and belief in what I do.”

Eddy joined Acadian as an EMT and earned his paramedic certification soon after. He pursued a career in EMS after attending college for computer engineering, and he volunteered with a local fire department for two years. He is known for his compassion, leadership and ability to remain calm under pressure. He often tutors his coworkers who are preparing for EMT or paramedic certification testing and serves as an advisor for the North Texas Explorer Post. He was recently promoted to a paramedic field supervisor position.

         Amber Johnson, Southeast Texas  

“I feel there is no higher honor than being recognized and nominated by my peers for the hard work and dedication I have for my job. This will always be one of the highlights of my career and it is a constant reminder that hard work and dedication pays off.”

Amber earned her EMT certification in 2015 and paramedic certification in 2017, and became a field training officer in 2019. She recently earned her Critical Care Transport certification. Her patient care is exceptional and empathetic, and she represents the best customer care when interacting with everyone. One of her students says she is enthusiastic about teaching and sharing her knowledge.


Regional EMTs of the Year

          Martin Arvizu Urtado, Bayou Region

Martin has been with Acadian for more than five years and is stationed in Houma, after working in the Houma and Napoleonville areas. He is well-respected by his peers for his calm and kind demeanor. He enjoys his work and aspires to one day work in information technology.

         Chris Polite, Capital Region

Chris has been with Acadian since June 2018 and graduated from the National EMS Academy paramedic program in early 2020. Her peers nominated her because she is consistently a great employee, excellent caregiver and genuine person. She takes pride in her professional image and always has a positive attitude.

         Silton Metoyer, Central Louisiana

Silton, a native of Alexandria, worked for many years as a firefighter for the Alexandria Fire Department, serving as assistant chief before retiring in 2019. He pursued the medical field and became an EMT, joining Acadian in 2006. Silton is dedicated to his work and patients, always going above and beyond. He is always there to help others.

         Kelsey Dulworth, Hub City District

“It means a lot to me to be recognized by my peers for the hard work and dedication that I put into my career. I am glad that I am able to make a difference in the lives of the patients I have encountered over the years.”

Kelsey has been with Acadian for more than five years and is stationed in Breaux Bridge. She doesn’t hesitate to help with any task and is a field training officer for new hires. She is a member of our strike team and has deployed for hurricane response several times. She recently earned her paramedic certification from the National EMS Academy.

         Josh Frank, Northshore

“It is an honor to be nominated for EMT of the Year because it lets me know that I am doing a good job and that hard work does not go unnoticed to those around us.”

Josh has been with Acadian for more than two years. He holds a degree in biological sciences. He is a field training officer and a role model for new hires. He always makes sure his unit is clean. Josh completed the paramedic program through National EMS Academy earlier this year and aspires to further his education in the medical field.

         Emilio Lopez, Orleans

Emilio has been with Acadian since 2018. He began college to study pre-medicine before pursuing a career in EMS. He has served as a backup customer relations supervisor and offers to drive wheelchair vans when needed. He aspires to become a paramedic, registered nurse or even a doctor.

         Shelby Beloate, Memphis

“I have worked in this field for almost 20 years and it is so special to be recognized for my work. I feel that this is a true calling and I am very blessed to be able to work alongside some great colleagues. Acadian has proven to be an exceptional company with “the customer is our number one priority” attitude, which in turn makes my job even more rewarding. This recognition motivates me to strive to be a better medic.”

Shelby joined the Acadian team through the EMHC acquisition in late 2018. She began her EMS career in 2001. She is known for her positive attitude, eagerness to help and phenomenal patient care skills. She is always willing to go the extra mile. 

         Ramona Hearn, Northeast LA

“I feel very honored to have been selected for the Ouachita EMT of the Year award and I am very fortunate to work for Acadian. The recognition by my peers and employer for my efforts has enhanced my commitment to serve our community with superior patient care.”

Ramona is a 27-year EMS veteran, working in Mississippi and Monroe. She joined Acadian when Ouachita operations began. She is known for her quiet, friendly attitude and calm demeanor. She ensures that her unit is always clean and maintains high scores. Ramona’s husband, Tim, is a paramedic with Acadian.

         Christian Vazquez, Central Texas  

“Being chosen as Medic of the Year means to me that my peers trust that I do my job well and that they think I’m awesome.”

Christian has served in the United States Coast Guard and has worked for Acadian in Louisiana and Texas. He is a field training officer for new hires and volunteered for one of our Hurricane Harvey strike teams. 

         Tre’Von Charles, Southeast Texas  

Tre’Von majored in music on a scholarship at Midwestern State University before deciding to pursue his EMT certification. He recently completed the paramedic program and earned his certification. He aspires to earn his CCT certification, work as a remote paramedic and flight paramedic and specialize in tactical paramedicine.


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