As government agencies focus on expanding alternative models of providing healthcare services in the home, Acadian Ambulance is pioneering new and innovative healthcare delivery models through a new division, Acadian Health

A respected leader in emergency medical services and transportation since 1971, Acadian Ambulance founded Acadian Health as an expansion of its medical and health services. Led by a team of experienced healthcare professionals, Acadian Health is established in providing exceptional acute and non-acute healthcare in a patient’s home.

Under the leadership of Strategic Development Director Benjamin Swig and Operations Director Richard Belle, Acadian Health is growing its partnerships with health plans, accountable care organizations, at-risk healthcare providers and health systems to deploy specially trained acute care providers to de-escalate and treat acute and chronic disease exacerbations. In coordination with the provider’s physician or care team via telehealth, patients can be seen, diagnosed and treated by Acadian Health team members in the comfort of their home. Visits last an average of 45 minutes to one hour. The service helps keep sick, but stable, patients out of hospitals and emergency departments. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of health care, including how we access medical services. The proliferation of the at-home care model has vastly improved patient satisfaction, bringing value to clinical partners and their patients.

“Health plans and provider groups are shifting towards supporting a virtual-first model, but when virtual care is not enough, it can now be supported by a well-equipped provider who has the ability to complete the last mile of care in the home, with highly skilled and trained providers, or if the assessment determines, by way of medical transport to an appropriate facility. Through this triage approach, we have seen the “acute care at home” trend increasing significantly,” Swig said.

In addition to convenience and comfort, Acadian Health’s at-home model also provides substantial cost savings to both the patient and the payor. “Over the past three years, Acadian Health has visited and treated approximately 3,000 sick, but stable, patients in their homes, resulting in a savings of approximately $5 million a year by safely treating 98% of actionable cases in the home.” said Acadian Health Operations Director Richard Belle.

By working directly with care teams that are both proactive and reactive, Acadian Health has reshaped population health outcomes to drive up patient engagement with providers and overall satisfaction, but also drive down the total cost of care by reducing unnecessary ED use and hospital readmissions. Technology has helped in some capacity as telehealth system deployment has grown exponentially throughout the pandemic. Acadian Health’s success is in the company’s DNA and centers around professional, compassionate engagement with patients and their families and the coordination of care with providers both remotely and in-person.

Acadian Chief Medical Officer Dr. Chuck Burnell added, “The medics and in-home care providers at Acadian enter into healthcare to be there for our patients and their families on their worst days and bring with them their hearts and minds to help produce the best outcome for all.  We will continue to learn from our team’s patient care experiences and clinical data, to increase our role in supporting safe and impactful at-home acute care treatment options.” 

Acadian Health, a division of Acadian Companies, was founded to complete the last mile of healthcare by bridging the gap between patient and provider, offering the highest-quality at-home healthcare. With five decades of mobile healthcare experience through our ambulance division, the Acadian Health mobile community healthcare team members arrive at a patient’s location with the knowledge, skill, and equipment to act as our partners’ eyes, ears, and hands.

When you can’t be there – send Acadian Health, your partner for at-home care.

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