Acadian Ambulance’s fleet of units is outfitted with the equipment and supplies typically carried by ambulance services across the nation, as well as several types of specialized units. These units include additional equipment beneficial for transporting neonatal, bariatric or critical care patients for interfacility transports. 

As part of Acadian’s commitment to provide the most advanced medical care available, Acadian’s Critical Care Transport (CCT) units have been equipped with new Airvo oxygen devices. The Airvo delivers a high flow of air/oxygen mixtures to patients through a unique interface and are more easily transportable because they contain a built-in flow generator.

The device is able to warm and humidify oxygen, which is then filtered and delivered via vapor form, not droplet, to prevent the transmission of virus particles and bacteria. In addition to providing better delivery of oxygen, the patient’s comfort is also enhanced.

During an interfacility transport, the Airvo can be used on patients who are able to breathe on their own but are at high risk for respiratory distress, including those with congestive heart failure (CHF), respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), pneumonia, influenza, pulmonary viral infections or other pulmonary conditions as directed by their physicians. 

“We are excited to bring new technology and new devices like the Airvo to our Critical Care Transport ambulances. These ambulances are equipped with the most advanced lifesaving devices for a range of treatments, and are staffed with CCT paramedics who undergo additional training,” said Acadian Ambulance Chief Medical Officer Dr. Chuck Burnell.


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