Acadian Ambulance Service has completed the acquisition of MedicOne Medical Response and begins operations in Nashville, Tennessee, today.

In addition to the expansion to Nashville, Acadian Ambulance adds MedicOne Medical Response’s operations to its existing service areas in Memphis, Tennessee, and Dallas, Texas. MedicOne will continue to operate in Illinois.

Acadian will continue to offer specialized services including bariatric transports and critical care transports for the most critically sick or injured patients.

Founded in 1971, Acadian is one of the nation’s most respected ambulance services. “We pledge to continue to serve the Nashville, Memphis and Dallas medical communities with reliable, dependable and exceptional medical transportation,” said Acadian Ambulance President Justin Back.

Founded in 1999, MedicOne Medical Response has become a leading frontline healthcare transportation provider. “This was a natural next step in our evolution,” said Jim Reeves, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of MedicOne Medical Response. “We are excited about the commitment and resources Acadian will provide to ensure superior service for our customers and continued growth and long-term success for our hard-working employees.”

“Both of our companies were founded with two key goals: to provide the best possible patient care and service, and to create a rewarding and fulfilling workplace for team members. MedicOne Medical Response and Acadian share a dedication to high standards in patient care and a commitment to the communities we serve,” Acadian Ambulance Chairman & CEO Richard Zuschlag said.

Acadian Ambulance is actively recruiting EMTs, advanced EMTs and paramedics for full- and part-time positions. For all of Acadian’s medical job opportunities, visit

Acadian Ambulance’s Nashville headquarters are located at 910 Twin Elm Court, Nashville, TN, 37210. For more information, visit

Originally published 2/1/2022.

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