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Acadian Alumni Spotlight: Kirt Domingue

By January 9, 2023No Comments

For our Acadian Alumni Association spotlight, we hear from Kirt Domingue. Someone who is thankful for his time with Acadian.

Kirt Domingue, like most employees before him, learned a lot about himself through his time at Acadian. 

“Working for Acadian has taught me to be thankful,” Domingue said. “I’m especially thankful that I was able to work for such a stable company my whole career. That is not the norm in the society we live in today. And I’m thankful that, along with my wife, we were blessed to provide a very comfortable life for our boys.”

Kirt Domingue spent 38 years with Acadian. And during that time, he learned a lot about himself, and can’t help but feel grateful for the people he has worked with.

Kirt, born and raised in Crowley, La,  graduated from Crowley High School in 1980. After high school, he worked as a deputy for the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office for three years before coming to work for Acadian in 1984 as an ambulance driver.

“I worked in Lafayette HQ, Crowley, Abbeville, and Carencro, as well as the swing department, which was wherever the company needed me,” Kirt said. 

He retired from Acadian in May of this year, after 38 years of service with the company. He looks back fondly on the journey that has led him to where he is now. 

After receiving EMT training through the company, he took a leave of absence for four months to attend an accelerated paramedic course at the University of Iowa.

After working on an ambulance unit for a few years, he knew that was not what he wanted to do—but his passion was still at Acadian.

He trained to work with Acadian Air Med, but it wasn’t the right environment for him. He went back to the ambulance until he was asked to work in dispatch. It was there where Kirt found his passion at Acadian. He worked as a dispatcher, operations supervisor and  in Air Med Operational Control.

Kirt Domingue and his wife, Monica. Since retiring in May of last year, the Breaux Bridge resident is enjoying his free time.

Working in various departments for almost four decades, Kirt learned the importance of his job and the impact it can have on others.

“What I learned most about myself through the years is that no matter what, I can have a huge impact on someone’s day and or life,” Kirt said.

As he ponders on his time with Acadian, Kirt can’t help but feel grateful for the people he has worked with – all of whom have made a difference and lasting impact on his life. 

“Patients, customers and fellow employees. I have made so many lifelong friends throughout my career,” he continued. “I would also like to thank Richard Zuschlag, Roland Dugas & Richard Sturlesse for their vision many years ago.”

Retired life has treated Kirt very well. He currently lives in Breaux Bridge with his wife, Monica.

The couple has two sons: Landon, who is a superintendent of a golf course in Dallas, and Braydon, who is an Airborne Combat Medic for the United States Army.

“My wife joined me in retirement and we hit the trail. We have spent time in Colorado, Florida, Italy and Luxembourg. Being able to spend over a month in Italy with our son was very special! Gaining a daughter-in-law while there was extra special.”