Aaron Webb has joined Acadian Ambulance’s quality improvement department as a physician assistant.

Working closely with Acadian’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Chuck Burnell, Webb serves as medical control for ground ambulance and offshore medics, develops and oversees policies and protocols, provides employees with an additional health and safety resource, and serves as a medical liaison to hospitals and other customers and agencies for Acadian.

“I look forward to helping Acadian expand in new and innovative ways of treating and transporting patients, as well as providing medical support to our medics in the field,” Webb said.

Webb started with Acadian Ambulance in 1997 and worked as an EMT while in paramedic school. He started working as a paramedic in 2000, first on the ambulance and eventually as a flight paramedic on Acadian Air Med.

In 2013, Webb went part time while attending PA school. He was an emergency department physician assistant for five years before returning to Acadian in his new role.

Webb obtained a bachelor of science at LSU and a master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies at LSU-HSC.

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