Each year, Acadian Ambulance recognizes its exceptional medics for their tireless work ethic and dedication. All finalists are known as outstanding paramedics and EMTs who display exemplary attitudes and provide excellent patient care.

Meet our 2023 Paramedics and EMTs of the Year, along with all of our regional Paramedics and EMTs of the Year, below!

Paramedic and EMT of the Year

Cierra Nixon

Cierra Nixon, Acadian Ambulance Paramedic of the Year, Southeast Texas

Cierra, who works out of Orange County, joined Acadian in February 2016 as an EMT. She obtained her Paramedic certification in 2018 through the National EMS Academy. She is very reliable, she promotes a professional appearance, and she is just an all-around good representative of Acadian.

Cierra’s passion for EMS and patient care are easy to spot. She is on a constant quest to broaden her knowledge and recently obtained her CCT certification to better serve her patients and give them the best care possible.

Cierra strives every day to figure out what she can do better to be better for her patients and for herself. Her patient advocacy and hard work she puts in inspires others. No matter how difficult a situation can be sometimes, she always does what is right. Cierra also assists her coworkers any way she can, and some of her coworkers describe her as a walking protocol book.

Cierra’s genuine and optimistic demeanor was noted by many of the selection committee members. She engaged each of the panel members and displayed confidence and knowledge.

Logan Butts

Logan Butts, Acadian Ambulance EMT of the Year, Southeast Texas

Logan, who works out of Jefferson County, joined Acadian in February 2021. He began as a runner in the fleet department while he attended the National EMS Academy to obtain his EMT certification.

Logan has received numerous compliments from patients he has treated, as well as their family members. He is meticulous in his unit’s appearance and ensures it is inventoried and stocked, and performs his Fast 5 check daily, while still logging in on time. He is described as fun to work with and is a resource to other employees, particularly new hires when they have questions about Acadian’s policies or procedures.

Logan always has a smile on his face and has a true can-do attitude. He pushes the people he works with to improve their AMPS scores and to always do what is right.

Logan personifies the Acadian Way and is an excellent representative of what we want all EMTs to be. He can also be found adjuncting EMT classes at the National EMS Academy Beaumont campus.

In addition, Logan is in school pursuing a degree in psychology.

Regional Paramedics and EMTs of the Year

Von Davis

Von Davis, Paramedic, Bayou Region

Von began his career with Acadian Ambulance in 2015 as an EMT. He received his training at the National EMS Academy in Houma. In 2019, he enrolled in the paramedic program. In 2022, he successfully completed the Critical Care Transport program and became a CCT paramedic. Von’s kind and compassionate demeanor has made him one of the most respected medics in the Bayou Region. He always has a smile on his face and a positive outlook on life. That kindness, compassion and positivity is shown to every patient Von cares for. He plans to continue his career with Acadian and hopes to take on a leadership role in the future.

Whitley Allemand

Whitley Allemand, EMT, Bayou Region

Whitley started with Acadian in 2018 after completing the EMT program at National EMS Academy. Whitley serves as a field training officer and conducts new employee driver training and local orientation to ensure each new employee receives needed information and has an opportunity to ask questions. She works closely with the local operations coordinator and quality improvement coordinator to help ensure new team members are continuing to have positive progression. During this process, she has become an unofficial mentor to many of our new employees. Her passion for teaching and helping others recently inspired her to complete her EMT instructor certification and she has been assisting in teaching current EMT courses in the Bayou Region. She also attends public events to help recruit new medics into the field of EMS.

Brady Doucet

Brady Doucet, Paramedic, Capital Region

Brady has been with Acadian Ambulance for four years and currently works in Walker, LA. He obtained his EMT certification as a senior in high school. He went on to earn his paramedic certification. One of Brady’s greatest strengths is his ability to provide outstanding patient care. In his first year as a paramedic, he has demonstrated exceptional clinical skills. He has a thirst for knowledge and is consistently seeking out feedback on ways to improve his clinical approach. He is also known for going above and beyond in providing care for patients, often going the extra mile to ensure that they are comfortable and informed about their condition and the interventions he provides. His peers have called his compassion “second to none” and say that “he puts the care in patient care”. Brady is also a field training officer and sets a great example for students and new employees.

Lisa Foster

Lisa Foster, EMT, Capital Region

Pursuing an interest in prehospital medicine, Lisa joined Acadian Ambulance three years ago. She completed paramedic school in December 2022 and is looking forward to advancing in her career as a paramedic. Lisa has consistently proven herself as experienced and compassionate, with commendations from patients, family members, and other first responders. Her exemplary service and ability to remain calm under pressure have earned her a reputation as one of Livingston’s finest providers. Lisa’s attention to detail is unmatched. This valuable attribute shines through every day in her documentation, patient reports, professional appearance and spotless unit. She leads by example. Lisa is also a highly regarded field training officer. Her peers can attest to the impact she’s had on the growth and development of her students. Lisa’s resolve to provide her patients with the best possible care, her astute mindfulness of the little things that matter, and her phenomenal mentorship to all her students make her an excellent representative of the Capital Region.

Steven Smith

Steven Smith, Paramedic, Central Louisiana Region

Steven earned his paramedic certification in 2014 from the National EMS Academy. He works out of the Pineville, LA station. Over the years, he has had many successful outcomes for his patients. He has been a field training officer since 2016 and loves educating students and new medics. This has allowed him to share his passion and knowledge of prehospital medicine.

Cade Mitchell

Cade Mitchell, EMT, Central Louisiana Region

Cade, who joined Acadian Ambulance in 2021, serves as a field training officer and Explorer post advisor. He has always been drawn to mentorship because he enjoys helping others build their ethical foundations. While on duty, Cade is a stickler of being 10-8 being ready for that next call. He recently began paramedic school at National EMS Academy. Eventually, he would like to obtain his bachelor’s degree in nursing and become a flight nurse with Acadian Air Med.

Jessica Hiler

Jessica Hiler, Paramedic, Central Texas Region

Jessica joined Acadian Ambulance as a travel paramedic in 2022. She has excelled in every opportunity and task throughout her career. She has earned a Meritorious Service Award after a patient requested to meet the crew he credits for saving his life. Jessica’s coworkers describe her as a fabulous, fun, and entertaining person with unsurpassed paramedic skills. She makes 24-hour shifts more enjoyable, is a hard worker and knowledgeable employee, and holds her partner to a high standard and challenges them to be the best EMT that they can be. She also holds herself to an equal, if not higher, standard.

Michael Schreiber

Michael Schreiber, EMT, Central Texas Region

Michael is known for his professionalism and being a team player. His coworkers describe him as having a positive, can-do attitude. He is vested in the success of the Acadian team. Being flexible and helpful when called upon are other traits that describe Michael’s work ethic. Michael joined Acadian Ambulance in March 2020. Michael can frequently be found staffing an extra crew, working in another region, or even participating in a deployment team. He has completed the National EMS Academy’s Accelerated Paramedic course.

Kristyn Vargas

Kristyn Vargas, Paramedic, Houston Region

A native of Chile, Kristyn moved to Texas and joined Acadian in 2019 and became a paramedic in October 2021. She is a field training officer for new hires, and with her experience in EMS, she hopes to be able to give all new employees and students the best experience possible. Kristyn does her best to listen, educate, and explain the job they have taken on. She says her wish is that each of them will love the EMS field as much as she does. She aspires to one day become an EMS instructor. She believes that perseverance, hard work, and honesty can take you places.

Holley Pritchett

Holley Pritchett, EMT, Houston Region

Holley has been with Acadian Ambulance since 2011 and says EMS is the career she is most suited for. She says both emergency response and non-emergency transports have brought many interesting and fascinating situations that she’ll have for a lifetime. Holley has made great friends and relationships along the way and is looking forward to many more years in the field as a brand-new paramedic.

Kirk Matthews

Kirk Matthews, Paramedic, Hub City Region

Kirk has been a member of the Acadian Ambulance team for the past eight years. He became a paramedic in August 2017 and has been a great asset to the Hub City region. He has shown remarkable skills as a leader, medic, employee and mentor.He is a native of Rayne, LA. He provides great patient care and has a professional bedside manner. He always has a positive attitude and a smile on his face. Kirk has been a positive influence for past, present and future employees.

Paul Brasseaux

Paul Brasseaux, A-EMT, Hub City Region

Paul Brasseaux joined Acadian as an EMT in September 2017. However, his journey did not start there. During his junior year of high school, he joined the Acadian Explorers post for his region. He proved to be a leader and was appointed Safety Officer. After graduating and joining Acadian Ambulance, Paul continued his journey with the Explorer Post 108 by becoming an associate post advisor and worked his way up to become the lead post advisor. He works tirelessly to provide the Explorers with experiences for a successful career in EMS. As an Outreach Liaison, Paul works closely with the EMR and EMT classes of the New Iberia Parish Career Center. As a direct result of Paul’s hard work and dedication to the EMT class, a recent graduate is now an EMT for Acadian and a member of the Outreach Team. Paul is also a field training officer, working closely with EMT students and new-hire EMTs.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones, Paramedic, Jackson County Region

Jessica started her first responder career as a firefighter before she earned her EMT certification in 2011. She earned her advanced EMT certification in 2014 and paramedic certification in 2019. She has been with Acadian Ambulance since 2020. Jessica is well respected among her peers and management.

Toby Woodard

Toby Woodard, EMT, Jackson County Region

Toby became an EMT in 2013 and joined Acadian Ambulance in 2021. He was recognized by the Keesler Federal Credit Union as a First Responder of the Year in 2022. Toby is known for being honest, caring, motivated, and eager to learn.

John Palmer

John Palmer, Paramedic, North Louisiana Region

John always does what is best for his patients and for the company. He is a field training officer for new hires, and every employee who has ridden with him has given very positive feedback about him. Every employee, current and new, says he is kind, patient, always answers questions, and is always readily available to lend an ear. John has been in EMS since 1996.

Jonathan Foster

Jonathan Foster, EMT, North Louisiana Region

Jonathan has been described as having a great work ethic and a calm attitude. He is caring and compassionate towards patients and his fellow crew members, and he treats everyone as if they were his own family. He is very knowledgeable in his skill set and is always willing to learn and grow his knowledge base. Jonathan is always willing to help out with community events in Ouachita Parish. This past Christmas, he volunteered to help make dinner for the on-duty crews. He is also a Meritorious Service Award winner for his and his partner’s response to a call. Prior to getting into EMS in 2021, Jonathan served in the United States Air Force for four years.

John Paul Herrera

John Paul Herrera, Paramedic, North Texas Region 

John Paul was nominated for his region based on a collective result of votes by his coworkers and the local operations group. He joined Acadian Ambulance in 2017 as an EMT and earned his paramedic certification in 2019. He has since gone on to obtain his CCT certification and has played a vital role with several new projects in the North Texas area. He is well respected by his peers and has taken great pride and interest in Acadian Ambulance. John Paul’s coworkers describe him as well-rounded, fun, and skilled to tackle any situation.

Tatiana Solis

Tatiana Solis, EMT, North Texas Region

Tatiana is known for her professionalism and willingness to help others. Her coworkers describe her as having a positive attitude and someone who makes any shift fun. Tatiana obtained her EMT certification in 2019 and began her career with Acadian Ambulance in 2020.

Christian Valencia

Christian Valencia, Paramedic, Northshore Region

Christian joined Acadian Ambulance as an EMT in 2009. After working as an EMT for nearly a decade, he enrolled in the National EMS Academy’s paramedic program and became a paramedic. He has been a field training officer for new-hire EMTs and paramedics and is a member of the Northshore region’s strike team for hurricanes or other disasters. He is a recipient of Acadian’s President’s Performance Award. Christian is respected by his peers and management team alike. He is honest, trustworthy, and willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Even on challenging days, he’ll make a joke and bring laughter to a frustrating situation.

Natalie Estep

Natalie Estep, EMT, Northshore Region

Natalie earned her EMT certification right after her high school graduation and has been with Acadian Ambulance since 2019. She received a Meritorious Service Award in February 2021 for her actions on a call. Natalie is known for having a great attitude with an infectious smile.

Valerie Primeaux

Valerie Primeaux, Paramedic, Orleans Region

Valerie joined Acadian Ambulance as an EMT in 2008. After she became a paramedic, Valerie quickly established herself as a valuable team member, thanks to her quick thinking and willingness to help out the team. Her supervisors often trusted her with high-profile tasks, as she could always be relied upon to handle them appropriately. Valerie was promoted to a paramedic field supervisor role in 2022. Since her promotion, she has earned the respect of her fellow managers and medics. She has consistently performed above expectations and has put the team’s goals above her own. Valerie is interested in continuing her career in management.

Joseph Voiron

Joseph Voiron, EMT, Orleans Region

A 10 year employee of Acadian Ambulance, Joey began his career in the Bayou Region before moving over to Orleans. He is known for his positive attitude and ability to adapt to any situation.  Serving as a field training officer, Joey is helping to train the next generation of medics as they join the company. Joey is excited about his future with Acadian and plans to enroll in paramedic school. He has expressed interest in a variety of fields that Acadian offers, such as education and management.


Hasnain Khan, Paramedic, South-Central Texas Region

Hasnain came to Acadian Ambulance from Australia. He is a graduate of Edith Cowan University in Perth. Since coming to San Antonio, Hasnain has grown clinically and is now a Critical Care Transport paramedic. He is willing to help wherever he is needed and to learn new things. He is trustworthy and competent, treats people well, has a great attitude, and is supportive of his peers. Growing up, Hasnain always knew he wanted to be in a first responder type of role, originally wanting to become a police officer. Hasnain loves being a paramedic and feels it is where he belongs.


Clayton Smith, EMT, South-Central Texas Region

Clayton has been with Acadian Ambulance since 2015. He has worked on a Critical Care Transport unit and is a field training officer. Clayton takes his time to teach others so they can be their best out in the field. Some of the new hires he has trained describe him as kind, calm, and humble. Clayton strives to be better and regularly challenges himself to do something different and learn something new. He recently obtained a degree in business.


Rebekah White, Paramedic, Southwest Louisiana Region

Rebekah began her journey with Acadian Ambulance in 2014. Throughout her years of service, Rebekah has done an exceptional job providing great patient care and, at all times, representing the company in a courteous and professional manner. She has a remarkable work ethic and exemplary paramedic skills, and is respected by her peers for her positive attitude and leadership. She leads by example and challenges her teammates to always do the right thing.  Rebekah is always upbeat and in a good mood. Rebekah is also a field training officer and adjunct instructor at the National EMS Academy Lake Charles campus, helping mold our future EMTs and paramedics.


Toni Wright, EMT, Southwest Louisiana Region

Toni began her career with Acadian Ambulance in 2015. She has established herself as a courteous, compassionate, and professional patient care provider. She has garnered the respect of the management team, her peers, and the customers whom she serves. Toni has completed the National EMS Academy’s paramedic program. Toni has a lot of experience and helps her paramedic partners provide the best patient care possible. She makes the paramedics’ jobs by anticipating their needs on scene and by providing a smooth, quality ride to the hospital. Toni’s caring attention to detail and her willingness to always “do the right thing” are her strongest attributes.


Travis Miller, Paramedic, Tennessee Region

Travis has been with Acadian since 2020 and is currently a Critical Care Transport paramedic and field training officer for his region. He is known for his work ethic and is willing to step up. He is knowledgeable and a patient care advocate. Travis has never met a stranger and is always ready to entertain a conversation with his patients, partners, or management team. He has received numerous commendations from his patients. One patient stated that Travis and his partner were her angels. Travis continuously gives back to his community, volunteering his time at his local fire department, as well as other community events.


Ian Buxton, EMT, Tennessee Region

Ian has been with Acadian Ambulance for four years and is a valuable asset to his region. He is an EMT field training officer and EMT field supervisor, as well as an adjunct instructor for local orientations. Ian is a helpful resource for his peers when it comes to protocols, policies, and best practices. He is a highly coveted partner, especially because of his sense of humor and work ethic. Ian is known for his attention to detail and his flexibility when things do not go as planned. He is empathetic to his patients and will do what it takes for their concerns to be heard. He aspires to become a paramedic and continue his EMS career. Ian is also a veteran of the United States Army, having proudly served for more than 10 years.

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