Each year, Acadian Ambulance recognizes its exceptional medics for their tireless work ethic and dedication. All finalists are known as outstanding paramedics and EMTs who display exemplary attitudes and provide excellent patient care. 

Meet our 2022 Paramedics and EMTs of the Year, along with all of our regional Paramedics and EMTs of the Year, below!

Paramedic and EMT of the Year

Victoria Dantin, Capital Region Paramedic of the Year

Victoria exemplifies a high level of professionalism, solid clinical knowledge, and compassion toward others. She consistently performs well in employee and clinical metrics and leads by example. She is known for her positive attitude and caring charm with patients. She is also a field training officer for new hires, National EMS Academy associate instructor, and  Explorer Post advisor.

Maddie Clesi, Capital Region EMT of the Year

Maddie serves as a field training officer in addition to her duties as an EMT. She is currently studying at National EMS Academy to become a paramedic. Her coworkers say she is quick to help them, and she enjoys working with and helping patients. Maddie is passionate about what she does and displays a desire and willingness to help the company improve. Maddie also serves our country as a medic in the Louisiana National Guard. She credits her focus and solid work ethic to her time in the military.

Regional Paramedics and EMTs of the Year

Jacob Musumeche, Acadian Air Med Flight Paramedic

Jacob has been with Acadian since 2001 and works on AM1 out of Lafayette. He has been a huge asset to the Air Med team, taking pride in both his work and in striving to make the program better. He is a positive role model and assists with precepting new flight paramedics. He has assisted with Acadian and Safety Management Systems COVID response assignments over the past two years. 

Devin Atkins, Bayou Region Paramedic

After deciding that she wanted to pursue a career in health care, Devin earned her EMT certification and joined Acadian. She soon earned her paramedic and Critical Care Transport certifications. She comes to work with a smile on her face and a determination to make the day a good one. She effectively manages any patient scene with her clinical skills and knowledge. She aspires to be part of Acadian’s leadership team.

Bryce Poincon, Bayou Region EMT

Bryce works out of Thibodaux, LA, and enjoys being able to help his home community. He is competent in his skills and has a strong work ethic. He is a field training officer for new hires and EMT students, guiding them in the right direction. During the past few years, Bryce has proven himself to be a dependable asset to the Bayou Region team. Bryce plans to advance his career by earning his paramedic certification.

RaShawn Lewis, Central LA Paramedic

RaShawn joined Acadian in 2019 as an EMT and soon earned her paramedic certification. She has a passion for patient care and an attention to detail when treating her patients. She is well-respected by her teammates, and she aspires to become a Critical Care Transport paramedic and an ER doctor or orthopedic doctor.

Trenton Ewing, Central LA EMT

Trenton takes pride in his attention to patient care, has a can-do attitude, and volunteers to travel when help is needed in other service areas. He helped with Acadian’s COVID response in New Orleans in 2020, assisted with staffing needs in Texas, and deployed to assist after Hurricane Ida. He is a field training officer and mentors new hires and EMT students, and is the lead advisor for the Central Louisiana Explorer post. He aspires to become a paramedic, earn his Critical Care Transport certification and advance to a supervisor role.

Gabe Shields, Jackson County Paramedic

Gabe is well-respected among his peers and is known for being welcoming and friendly. He is willing to fill in at different stations and when there are open shifts. Gabe is a United States Army infantry combat veteran, and he served as a combat lifesaver. He became an EMT in 2005 and earned his paramedic certification in 2007. Gabe is passionate about education and making a difference in his community.

Barbara Garcia, Jackson County EMT

Barbara has been with Acadian Ambulance for 18 years. She is known for her attention to detail and for having the cleanest and most organized truck in her region. She goes above and beyond to prepare for the CAAS reaccreditation process in Louisiana, and has received numerous Meritorious Service Awards. 

Jennifer Kustenmacher, Northshore Paramedic

Jennifer is a CCT paramedic, field training officer and alternate quality improvement coordinator. She goes above and beyond to organize benefits to help fellow medics and their families. After Hurricane Ida impacted the Northshore, Jennifer went out of her way to feed and care for Acadian and FEMA strike team crews. She teaches EMT classes to local firefighters and assists with teaching advanced lifesaving support orientation.

Rory Ricks, Northshore EMT

Rory is a reliable EMT and assists with the schedule in the Northshore and Capital regions. He enjoys working for Acadian and values the many friendships he’s made over the years. He plans to further his career by becoming a paramedic and move up into a leadership role.


Angela Freeman, North LA Paramedic

Angela has served as a paramedic, paramedic field supervisor and quality improvement coordinator, but she says her true calling is being hands-on with patients in the field. She is also a field training officer for new employees. Angela advocates for mental health and provides a shoulder for employees and patients to lean on.

Jill Kennard, North LA EMT

Jill wanted a job that makes a difference in others’ lives and earned her EMT certification in 2015. She serves as a field training officer for new employees, teaching them the right way while providing a fun and comfortable learning environment. She is known for her positive attitude and helpful spirit, which leaves a lasting impression.

Courtney Majcina, Orleans Paramedic

Courtney loves being a paramedic, earning her Critical Care Transport certification. She is the New Orleans bike team captain, coordinating the training and leadership for the team. She ensures that the area stations are always well-stocked with supplies. Courtney is also in school pursuing her medical degree, and maintains a high standard at work.

Tin Nguyen, Orleans EMT

Tin earned his EMT certification from National EMS Academy and quickly decided to pursue his paramedic certification. He has been instrumental in providing mutual aid for Orleans Parish and is a valuable member of the Orleans team. Tin aspires to become a physician assistant, and he is an advocate for health and wellness.

Seth Mayeaux, Safety Management Systems Paramedic

Since 1999, Seth has worked for Acadian Ambulance, Air Med, and Safety Management Systems. His patient care and customer service are evident in all of his actions. SMS’ medical leadership says Seth has the rare combination of astute clinical assessment and excellent communication skills. Working with SMS’ COVID response, Seth developed a process to streamline medical control reporting of offshore COVID patients, taking guesswork and confusion out of the information sharing process.

Joseph Sylvester, Southwest LA Paramedic

Joseph has been with Acadian Ambulance for more than 30 years and has worked in Lafayette, Vermilion, Acadia, Jeff Davis and Calcasieu parishes. He has a remarkable work ethic and exemplary paramedic skills, and is respected by his peers for his positive attitude and leadership. He leads by example and challenges his teammates to do the right thing.

Martyna Trahan, Southwest LA EMT

Martyna has established herself as a courteous, compassionate and professional patient care provider. She has proven herself to be comfortable, proficient and competent in all of her EMT responsibilities. Several of the region’s paramedics have described her as one of the best EMTs they have worked with.

Nick Otte, South-Central TX Paramedic

Nick has been a part of the Acadian team for more than 10 years. He consistently demonstrates a willingness to go above and beyond to care for and treat his patients. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with others to help them learn and grow. He helps students and new hires become the best they can be.

Robby Noblitt, South-Central TX EMT

Robby is known for his clinical competency, patient care, knowledge and solid work ethic. He constantly strives to better his understanding of the field, and is consistently evolving as an EMT. Robby began his career as a volunteer firefighter and recently earned his firefighter certification.

Gabrielle Smith, Southeast TX Paramedic

Gabrielle joined Acadian in 2017 and earned her paramedic certification from National EMS Academy in 2020. She is a strong, positive and compassionate paramedic, providing the best care to all of her patients. She is a field training officer, mentoring students and new hires. Gabrielle has earned Acadian’s President’s Performance Award and was nominated as the Southeast Texas Employee of the Quarter in Jun.

Andrew McCabe, Southeast TX EMT

Andrew works out of Port Arthur and has proven to be a hard worker, willing to step up when needed. He has assisted with storm response deployments, helped out with staffing in other service areas, worked football game standbys and company acquisitions. He cares about each of his patients and makes sure they are comfortable as he gets them to the hospital safely and quickly. Andrew aspires to become a paramedic.

Patricia Matt, Houston Paramedic

Patricia always strives to be the best person she can be. She earned her Critical Care Transport certification in 2018, and she serves as a field training officer for new hires. She is highly dependable and flexible, and often fills in for staffing needs. She has grown throughout her career and plays an essential role in our Houston operations.

Mark Foster, Houston EMT

Mark has been with Acadian for more than 10 years and follows three core principles: always make the patient smile, feel comfortable, and feel better. He is known around the Houston region for his infectious personality and servant leadership style. He is a field training officer and member of Acadian’s Wellness team, IDRU Infectious Diseases team, and Houston Mentorship program.

Paul Martin, Hub City Paramedic

Paul has been with Acadian for six years and is a Critical Care Transport Paramedic out of Lafayette. He is a field training officer, member of the Critical Incident Stress Management and Hub City Outreach teams, and a BLS instructor. He is a strong patient advocate, as well as an advocate for his coworkers. He has a positive attitude, is compassionate and has a strong work ethic.

Julie Williams, Hub City EMT

Julie has been with Acadian for more than 14 years, serving as an EMT, field training officer, Critical Incident Stress Management team member, and a Coding and Documentation Center coding specialist. During her time as EMT, she trained countless new employees. She has an incredible work ethic and always has a positive attitude. She makes it a point for her patients to see her smile, and receive the best possible treatment every time.

Nick Janikowski, Central TX Paramedic

Nick is a Critical Care Transport paramedic and takes pride in representing Acadian through his work, patient care and truck/station cleanliness. He has received numerous Meritorious Service Awards for exemplary patient care and advocacy. He serves as a field training officer for new hires and EMS students, and has served as an EMT and paramedic instructor at a local EMT school.

Evan Poe, Central TX EMT

Evan was driven to pursue a career in EMS because he wanted to be able to make someone’s worst moments better and help people in their time of need. He is always willing to help and is eager to learn, as well as teach new employees. Evan can often be found staffing an extra crew or serving on a deployment for weather response or COVID mission. He has helped Acadian operations in Dallas, San Antonio, and Memphis.

Dakota Medders, North TX Paramedic

Dakota was nominated for this honor by his peers because of his positive attitude, work ethic, passionate patient care, mentorship and professionalism. He plans to pursue his Critical Care Transport certification to advance his knowledge and patient care skills. He is a field training officer for new employees and the lead advisor for the region’s Explorer post. Dakota served in the National Guard, and has assisted with Acadian deployments, notably spending three months on a FEMA mission during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Leigh Silver, North TX EMT

Leigh has quickly established herself as a trustworthy and reliable employee. She is a field training officer for new employees and also serves as an advisor for the North Texas Explorer post. She goes the extra mile for her team members, often without being asked. She aspires to become a physician assistant.

Anthony Vosburgh, TN Paramedic

Anthony has been in EMS for many years and joined Acadian in 2019. He is a Critical Care Transport paramedic and is well-known in the Memphis region for being a dependable crew member, talented field training officer, and astute clinician. He is respected by many doctors and nurses in the region for his ability to anticipate a patient’s progression and report his findings.

Herberth Angel-Revelo, TN EMT

Herberth has proven to be a great employee and studious person. He assists by helping with shifts. He is goal-driven and tactful. He is known for his excellent patient care and acting as a patient advocate. Herberth has traveled to El Salvador, his home country, to work uder a physician and help impoverished people. He aspires to become a paramedic and is always eager to learn new things.

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