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Safety Tips

Acadian Ambulance provides safety tips as a public service. An EMS provider since 1971, Acadian is recognized nationwide as one of the best EMS providers in the industry.

We are dedicated to providing excellent community service, improving efficiency through use of innovative technologies, and promoting a proactive approach to safety. Having a plan in place prior to an event or emergency situation is the best way to keep yourself and others safe.

Call 911
In all emergency cases, call 911 immediately to ensure that your local Emergency Medical Service provider may be notified and professional care can be dispatched as soon as possible. As soon as you give your location information to the dispatcher, a unit is dispatched while you remain on the line with the dispatcher. Make sure your home can be identified, even in the dark. Your house number should be visible and large enough to read from the road. Turn on an outside light. If possible, have someone go outside to wait for the first-responders and medics.

Still need pointers? Let Ragin' Cajuns Head Football Coach Mark Hudspeth show you the ropes.

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