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Mobile Healthcare

Improving In-home Patient Care

Acadian Ambulance’s Mobile Healthcare program is a bridge for patient treatment that helps alleviate strain on hospital emergency departments by improving in-home patient care and reducing costs. Mobile Healthcare by Acadian addresses gaps in existing healthcare services by using specially trained Mobile Healthcare paramedics as primary care extenders, educators and patient advocates.

Since the launch of Acadian’s Mobile Healthcare program in New Orleans in 2012, patients were able to be treated at home 96 percent of the time and have not needed to be transported to the hospital. This reduction in transports results in greater patient satisfaction and significant  savings for both the patient and insurers.

Benefits for You

An integrated approach to in-home patient care.


Through comprehensive analysis and education, our Mobile Healthcare paramedics visit patients’ homes and assist them to appropriately manage their healthcare and determine the most appropriate treatment options.

  • Reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions
  • Decrease inappropriate use of emergency resources
  • Decrease emergency transports that could lead to revocation of Hospice coverage
  • Optimize the use of resources such as clinics, labs, pharmacies, and nonprofit outreach services
  • Increase patient satisfaction and outcomes
  • Assist patients & their caregivers with proper chronic disease management
  • Provide education for management of healthcare and chronic illnesses
  • Environmental evaluation
  • Medication and dietary review
  • Body weight monitoring
  • Hgb A1C, EKG, Chem 8, and BNP testing
  • Oxygen equipment monitoring and evaluation
  • Flu and pneumonia vaccine administration
  • Remote patient monitoring technology
  • Integrated solutions with Acadian Ambulance paramedics and EMTs

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