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Since 1971, Acadian Ambulance has been caring for its patients by providing the absolute best in emergency and non-emergency medical transportation. As an extension of our commitment to our patients, Acadian Health was launched to provide care in the patient’s home for non-emergent situations.

By receiving the appropriate level of care in their homes, patients are able to avoid costly and unnecessary visits to emergency departments and potentially avoid unnecessary doctor’s office visits.

How It WorksWhat We Treat

The mission of Acadian Health is to provide the most appropriate level of care at the appropriate time (prevention and early intervention) and in the appropriate location (typically the patient’s home).  By doing so, we are able to provide superior care, reduce unnecessary emergency department visits and improve the patient’s outcome while often providing great cost savings to the patient, the insurance company and the provider.

Taking care of patients where they are most comfortable.

Acadian Health is designed to improve patient’s outcomes, eliminate unnecessary trips to emergency departments and reduce the cost of healthcare by providing a variety of medical treatments in the comfort of the patient’s home.

Working with physicians, home health and other healthcare partners.

Working with the patient’s primary care physician, specialist, home health agency or other healthcare provider, Acadian Health develops a comprehensive care plan. Our specially trained clinical staff, through 24/7/365 consultation with physicians, are able to quickly and properly treat many of the non-emergent injuries or illnesses in the patient’s home.

See the Frequently Asked Questions about our program.

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