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Acadian Explorer Program

Acadian Ambulance has been a supporter of Scouting for many years. Many of our employees volunteer with various Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops and packs, and the company currently sponsors Explorer posts in Lafayette, Abbeville, and Gretna, Louisiana, Houston and San Antonio, Texas.


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What is the Explorer program about?
Exploring is a unique career study program created by Boy Scouts of America for young men and women ages 14 to 20. It provides an opportunity to learn about a wide variety of careers and to network with professionals already in those fields. Explorers are able to get firsthand experience to determine whether or not a particular career is right for them.

Being an Explorer is more than lectures and slide shows; it is about gaining real world experience in a career from professionals in that field!

Our program objectives are youth character development, career skill development, community service, patriotism and faith.

Each year, the Acadian Explorers enter the National Exploring Journey to Excellence Award recognition program.

Who participates in Acadian's Explorer program?

While Exploring offers programs in dozens of career fields and more than 100 occupations, Acadian's posts are specifically designed for high school-age students who are interested in the medical field. The program provides real world experiences, helping participants develop critical skills necessary for a successful career in emergency medicine.

In addition, our Explorers can earn their Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers Certification.

"There are so many great things about being an Explorer. We learn a lot through hands-on demonstrations and when we get called, we are able to witness Acadian medics providing patient care. To actually participate and be able to care for people is an experience you'll never forget." - Explorer Zachary Gaspard, Abbeville High School

What do Acadian's Explorers participate in?
Education and real-life experiences are a large part of the Acadian Explorer program, which initially included post meetings and ride-alongs on ambulances. The program has expanded to include more group activities and hands-on experiences for the young adults.

"We teach them everything. We'll do scenarios where we do a full work-up on patients. In addition to the practical aspects of EMS, we'll teach them how to communicate with patients and their families. We go over everything aspiring medics will learn in EMT class. They love to learn and to feel like they are making a difference." - Lafayette Explorer Post Advisor Dayna Laffoon

Acadian Explorers provide assistance and basic medical services at community events, like Mardi Gras, fairs, festivals, and sporting events. The group serves as an ambassador of Acadian to their communities.

Explorers also learn how to work together in a team setting, from problem-solving to electing team officers.


Who oversees the Acadian Explorers?
Acadian paramedics and paramedic field supervisors volunteer to serve as post advisors. All advisors are certified in youth protection training.

Paramedic Thelma Stelly has been the Vermilion post advisor for 13 years, and says, "The feedback we get is that it's a life-changing experience for the kids. They get into the group not knowing what to expect, and by the end of their second year, they start realizing that they may want to be an EMT, or a nurse, or something else in the medical field."

Paramedic Field Supervisors Dayna Laffoon and Kae Angelle are the Lafayette post advisors.

In Gretna, Paramedic Jerry Prine serves as the post advisor.

Operations Supervisor Steven Harvey serves as the San Antonio post advisor.

"One of the greatest accomplishments of the program is that so many of our kids are going on to become medics, nurses, and doctors." - Gretna Post Advisor/Paramedic Jerry Prine


Interested in applying?
Call Acadian at 337.291.3333 to speak with your area's post advisor, or email them by clicking on their name below.

Lafayette Post Advisors

Vermilion Post Advisor

Gretna Post Advisor

San Antonio Post Advisor

Houston Post Advisor


Program Recognition

In 2016, Acadian's Vermilion Explorer Post 1910 achieved the gold level of the National Exploring Journey to Excellence Award. The award, presented by Mr. Elliot Chong representative of the Boy Scouts of America Evangeline Area Council, is designed to measure a post's performance and encourage and reward success.

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